Candirejo Village

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Candirejo is built by two words, candi and rejo. Both are Javanese. In english, candi can be meant by temple, but if we refer to Javanese, it meant rock/stone. And the word rejo can be meant by fertile. In fact, Candirejo village is located in area with many rocks around. It is understandable because the region where Candirejo village is located, is part of Menoreh mountain ground. Menoreh mountain is used to be a volcano. The existence of the word candi (stone/rock) is also strengthen by names of some regions in this village. There are regions named of Watu Kendhil, Watu Ambeng, Watu Dandang, etc., where word watu is have a meaning of stone. So, if both meaning are constucted together, the word Candirejo can have a meaning of one area with many rocks within, but it is fertile. Another version of the tale; this village is named by Candirejo because some old temples (candi) were found in this area. In Brangkal, an old temple was found, and people called the temple as Brangkal temple (candi Brangkal).

Package Tours

1. Village Tour
Join an exploratory village tour either on foot, by bicycle or Andong (horse drawn carriage) and gain insight and knowledge of local customs and traditions, art and handicrafts, traditional health drinks and the agricultural system of inter cropping.

2. Menoreh Range
This tour gives you the chance to experience the everyday life of the village community. During the walk you will also gain an appreciation and knowledge of the local bird life, medicinal plants and the agricultural system Of inter cropping used in the area.

3. Agricultural Tour
This tour will increase our awareness of the importance of conservation and the management of sustainable natural resources in this area. Learn about the agricultural system of intercropping used and get direct experience in the fields of planting, preparing the ground for cultivation and picking many kinds of fresh fruits.

4. River Activities
Want to catch fish like the locals? Join them with their “nylantrang” (fishing nets) and have a go yourself to find out if it is as easy as it looks! Need to cool off? Take the chance to bathe and swim in the river accompanied by a guide.

5. Nature Education Tour
This tour will increase your family’s awareness of the importance of conservation and the anagement of sustainable natural resources for the future prosperity of mankind. Learn about organic farming, the production of organic fertilizer and traditional local forms of nature conservation such as the custom of “ilag-ilag” among others.

6. Experience Local Life
Stay a while and really experience the local way of life of the Javanese community in Candirejo. Stay in one of the traditional home stays and find out about the daily
activities by joining the owner from dawn to dusk and beyond. See how food is prepared and cooked, experience life in the fields, at the river or around the village. You can alsotake advantage of one of the other packages on offer to add to your experience and enjoyment.

7. Traditional Arts
Visitors have the chance to enjoy many traditional arts in Candirejo village. Each type of art has its own special characteristics as well as having strong local cultural value and enjoying them together with the local community gives the visitor a unique experience.